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LTI grade mass_update terminates

LTI grade mass_update terminates

by D. Brian Walton -
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I've been quite excited about the integration of LTI with WeBWorK and am in the process of doing a trial this semester on a test server with LTI authentication turned on. I've run into a problem with grades being updated properly on Canvas that I'm trying to understand better.

We have grade update on submit turned OFF and rely on the mass_update to submit grades. Only about 5 students are being updated because the loop cycling through all assignments terminates whenever Canvas reports that the attempt to update a grade failed.

I have identified *why* the failure occurs (at least one scenario): a student was originally enrolled in the course, completed two assignments and then dropped. Our institution automatically removes students from the Canvas section. Of course, WeBWorK does not drop students.

submit_grade fails for this student's first assignment. No further attempts to submit grades occur after this.

Looking at the code, I don't understand why the loop breaks since failure to update only uses *warn* and the loop itself in mass_update never checks whether any particular grade update was successful. Is there an exception thrown that makes the entire thread drop out?

I've submitted this as http://bugs.webwork.maa.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3954

- Brian Walton
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Re: LTI grade mass_update terminates

by D. Brian Walton -
FYI: I have updated the bug report to indicate that it is the call to *debug* that terminates the loop. When I commented out that line, the rest of the class grades are updated. I'm not sure if the string being passed to debug is the issue or not, but I have a work-around now.

- Brian