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Model course: College Algebra

Model course: College Algebra

by Michael Gage -
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I've been investigating a report of failures from some of the problems in the model course College Algebra http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/ModelCourses/CollegeAlgebra . This may be related to updating to release 2.13 as well.

Alex Basyrov has sent me some updated macros for the College Algebra course and I have placed them in a pull request to webwork-open-problem-library.

This fixes most of the issues, a few remain. Specifically
the problem uw-stout/math120-sulvn-2-4/circle-problem-1-center-radius.pg
College Algebra course fails for me with an error message about failing to find
"Context" in the package "stourCircleStandardEquation".

If others are using the College Algebra model course they might like to report their experiences.