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Reordering problems in Hmwk Sets Editor

Reordering problems in Hmwk Sets Editor

by Danny Dyer -
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Complete novice here. Going through a problems database, I have added questions to an assignment willy-nilly, in whatever order I felt like. Now, I want to re-order the assignment.

Unfortunately, I can't! I can hover over the move icon, but can't get it to do anything. I've tried clicking and dragging, etc., but no go. I've attached a screenshot.

Is there something I'm missing, or is this just broken? (Currently viewing my assignments on chrome, but the same problem happens in firefox as well.)

Attachment Screenshot_2017-09-10_13.22.27.png
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Re: Reordering problems in Hmwk Sets Editor

by Danny Glin -
The click and drag works for me. That seems like an odd thing to break since I believe it only depends on the javascript in the page. Is there anything else not working?

Have you tried this on a different homework set? I did have a homework set get corrupted one time to where it was impossible to reorder questions.