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Reordering problems/3D graphics

Reordering problems/3D graphics

by Steven Xiao -
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Recently we found some trouble with reordering the problems inside the "Hmwk Sets Editor" when there are some 3D graphics included.

For example, I created this test homework set including three problems where the second problem is Library/FortLewis/Calc3/14-1-Partial-derivatives/HGM4-14-1-17b-The-partial-derivative/HGM4-14-1-17b-The-partial-derivative.pg.

(see the first picture in the attachment)

The second problem includes a 3D graphics (javascript). Then, say, I move the third problem to the second. After that, if I check both "Automatically render problems on page load", "Force problems to be numbered consecutively from one" and click "Save Changes", I then get

(see the pictures with 1, 2, 3 in the attachment)

From the pictures, you can see that the up-down arrows which allows us to reorder the problems are gone. The only way to reorder the problems again is to go back to the "Hmwk Sets Editor" and click the homework set again.

If there is no 3D graphics in the problems, there is no such problem. You can reorder the problems again and again.

My question is: Is this by design? Or I am missing something here?


Steven Xiao

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Re: Reordering problems/3D graphics

by Paul Pearson -
Hi Steven,

It's definitely not by design. It sounds like a javascript clash of some sort.

In the homework sets editor, it should be possible not to render the problems. When the problems (including 3D problems) are not rendered, are you able to reorder them?

Best regards,

Paul Pearson
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Re: Reordering problems/3D graphics

by Steven Xiao -
Thanks, Paul.

It seems to me that as long as I don't check "Automatically render problems on page load" before I "save changes" everything seems ok. It seems to me that there are some problems with the 3D rendering inside the "Hmwk Sets Editor", at least for the installation we have here.

Does anyone else have similar problem or just us? If it is the problem with the installation here, which part I should check to fix it?

What does the "Automatically render problems on page load" do anyway? Is that for the rendering inside the "Hmwk Sets Editor"? Or is it for the "Homework Sets" for the students?

Thanks again,