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Question about ImplicitPlane

Question about ImplicitPlane

by Peter Selinger -
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I am looking at this problem:


It generates implicit equations for a few planes, using ImplicitPlane($P,$N) to construct them.

For some reason, the planes are typeset like this:





Note how:

* the variables appear in some random order,

* sometimes the variables are parenthesized in a weird way, for example 27z−(17x+4y)=19.

I find this behavior undesirable because it makes the question seem like a "trick question": most of the time we write variables in alphabetical or some other predetermined order, and writing them in random order is a gratuitous complication (unless the very point of the question is to standardize a formula, which in this case it is not).

My question: how can I turn this behavior off, so that the implicit planes are typeset in standard format, i.e.





The strange thing is that I see nothing in the problem definition that randomizes the variables. All planes are uniformly generated. I tried altering the setting


but it doesn't make a difference. The documentation of ImplicitPlane here


does not mention that the order of variables will be randomized. The documentation here


says that we can specify the order, for example ImplicitPlane($P,$N, ['x','y','z']). However, when I tried this, the output didn't change at all; it was the same as before.

Is there some setting that I am missing? Thanks, -- Peter
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Re: Question about ImplicitPlane

by Peter Selinger -
Upon further investigation, I answered my own question as follows: in the problem in question, we have


and the further down in the same problem:


So any updates done to the "Vector" context (including the reduction->set in the original problem text) apparently have no effect for the later typesetting of the implicit planes. However, if I put


*after* the Context("ImplicitPlane"), then the undesirable formatting can indeed be turned off. The reason my earlier efforts had no effect is that I put the "noreduce" command after Context("Vector") near the top of the problem.

For this problem, I suggest adding


Thanks, -- Peter