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Password for gateway quiz

Password for gateway quiz

by Thomas Wong -
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When import a .def file for a gateway quiz, is it possible to specify the password students require to start the quiz in the .def file?

Details: Under homework set editor, it is possible to specify a single password students have to enter in order to start the test. I would like to include that information when I am creating a .def file externally. That way, when I import it, it should would be set without having to manually do it. Can this be done?

Under the Gateway Test and Quiz page on the wiki, I managed to find an entry in the table about "set-level password" but was unable to locate the actual tag required in the .def file.

Thank you very much.

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Re: Password for gateway quiz

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Thomas,

I don't think this is possible. It should be relatively easy to hack into place, but I don't have the hack available to tell you what it is.