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Edfinity for WeBWorK is free and open for registration

Edfinity for WeBWorK is free and open for registration

by Bob Carmichael -
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Edfinity (edfinity.com), funded by the NSF, is a hosted, full-featured homework system with a modern and intuitive interface that supports all WeBWorK problems. We are inviting educators interested in running Edfinity WeBWorK courses in the Spring.

Edfinity includes course and classroom management, student and educator metrics, a powerful graphical problem editor, search and discovery, sharing and collaboration, and more. We currently have WeBWorK Calculus courses contributed by Union College and University of Rochester, and are in the process of adding more. All problems from the Open Public Library are available in the repository, and we can import and customize any existing WeBWorK course if you have one you are already using or would like to use. We can quickly add specific courses on request.

Edfinity is currently free. In the future, we may charge a cost-recovery fee of $1.00 - 2.00/student/month.

Please visit edfinity.com/about/webwork for more information. Happy to answer questions here or email me at bobc@edfinity.com. Thanks!

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