Problems Installing Webwork on a New Server

Re: Problems Installing Webwork on a New Server

by Arnold Pizer -
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If you want to use an install script, the one in master is out of date as you discovered. The one sitting in pull request 6 works but I have no idea if or when it will be put into master. If you want to use it, goto and look at the comments (near the bottom), specifically

I just tested this again on a brand new 16.04 installation and it worked perfectly. Specifically I used ubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso to create a virtualbox virtual machine. Then I ran the following commands (I'm writing them from memory, I did not copy them so there might be a typo below but I think not):
sudo apt-get install git
mkdir work
cd work
git clone git://
cd ww_install
git fetch origin pull/6/head:ww2.13
git checkout ww2.13
cd bin
sudo perl
Then open Firefox and goto localhost/webwork2