WWFeedback emails

WWFeedback emails

by Michael Schultheiss -
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Our upgraded WeBWorK cluster went online this semester. I setup the cluster for the math department and set my team's group email as the WeBWorK administrator's email.

Since the cluster went live, we've received hundreds of student questions regarding WeBWorK assignments since the system is emailing both the instructors and the WeBWorK administrator. Is there a way we can configure feedback to only go to the instructor?

I've seen other forum topics discuss a perl SMTP module config file but I've been unable to locate that file on our cluster nodes.

Any suggestions on how to tweak our setup to stop CC'ing the administrator email would be appreciated.
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Re: WWFeedback emails

by Danny Glin -
I'm guessing that you have one or more users in the admin course, and when you create new courses you add the administrators (which is standard practice). The problem arises in that the WeBWorK config only allows you to choose the threshold permission level for who should receive student emails. Since administrators are higher than professors, if you want emails to go to professors, they will automatically go to administrators.

My solution to this was to delete the email address from any administrator accounts. In the admin course, all of the users have blank email addresses, so when they get copied to courses, there is no address to send emails to. I haven't yet run into a scenario where I have needed the administrators to have email addresses stored in WeBWorK.

Note that this will solve your problem for all newly created courses. You would still have to go back to all existing courses and delete the email address for any administrator.

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Re: WWFeedback emails

by Gavin LaRose -

Another perspective: in localOverrides.conf, we have the variable

    $feedback_by_section = 1;
set. This sends feedback only to instructors (TAs, admins, depending on your Permissions settings) with the same section as the student. I then assign a nonsensical section number (e.g., -27) to administrators, and they then don't get e-mail.