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question regarding Opaque server (Moodle -- WeBWorK)

question regarding Opaque server (Moodle -- WeBWorK)

by Michael Gage -
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The Opaque server (derived from work done by Tim Hunt at Moodle) allows WeBWorK questions to appear with in Moodle quizzes. (It's roughly the same method used to embed WeBWorK in PreTeXt or in htm pages.)

Here is a question from Tayouo Erick Ervee:

Hi Mr. Gage,

Need a help please. We are linked Question Server with Moodle. When try to open a question on Moodle. the question is displayed with the question detail on bottom. How to hide this.

In the file: https://github.com/mgage/opaque_server/blob/master/conf/opaqueserver.apache-config.dist

You'll find
# define debugging parameters

$OpaqueServer::Constants::displayDebuggingData = 1;
$OpaqueServer::Constants::logDebuggingData =1;
$OpaqueServer::Constants::logFile = "$root_dir/logs/sessions.log";

You want to set these configurations in your copy of
conf/opaqueserver.apache-config to 0.

Or at least set displayDebuggingData=0 .

This affects code around lines 45 and again most importantly around
lines 611 of lib/OpaqueServer.pm


where the debugging information is actually printed out.

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Re: question regarding Opaque server (Moodle -- WeBWorK)

by Erick Tayouo -
Thanks Michael, I set displayDebuggingData=0. It's work fine.
I have another problem concerning the question in Moodle. The question is displayed correctly in Webwork (render and display). But can't display some parts of question in Moodle like equation. See the images.
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