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sporadic 10 mins loading issues

sporadic 10 mins loading issues

by J D'Ambroise -
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We are having a problem where WebWork does not load -- displays cannot connect / check firewalls standard browser error. This happens for 10 MINS. Then loads fine 10 mins later. Problem comes and goes 10 mins here, 10 mins there. It is enough of a consistent but sporadic problem to be disruptive to the class.... but "rare" enough (couple times a day) that we can continue to use WebWork although through some frustration....

IT on my campus has checked and rechecked ports, firewalls, etc., so many times and making sure everything is accessible. Besides -- if it were a port or firewall issue then the loading would be persistent and not sporadic.

p.s. This is just standard usage, not everyone accessing at the same time. In any case I only have 20 students.
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Re: sporadic 10 mins loading issues

by Danny Glin -
Weird that it happens for 10 minutes at a time. Is it always the same amount of time? If so, it may be related to some sort of timeout.

When this happens, do the browsers go instantly to the error screen, or do they try connecting for some amount of time before returning an error?

The first thing I would check would be the apache logs. Check error_log to see if it is reporting anything during those times, and also check access_log to see if there is weird traffic at the times when this is happening.