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Work flow for contributing to the OPL?

Work flow for contributing to the OPL?

by Murphy Waggoner -
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I continue to struggle with the need to create a work order with IT for anything I need to do with our WeBWorK server. They have scheduled time to work with me over our spring break on what I would like (need) done on the server, and I want to make sure I understand what is needed before I talk to them.

I would like to figure out a work flow for someone like me, that is, someone on a PC, at a college with an in-house WeBWorK server, editing problems using the WeBWorK Hmwrk Sets Editor, and with no direct access to the WeBWorK server. The work flow would be to write, edit, submit to Contrib, and then ask for inclusion in the OPL.

Here is what I think the work flow would look like. Please point out my misunderstandings.

1) In a WeBWorK course, write problems using the WeBWorK Hmwrk Sets Editor.

2) Test the problems with a variety of random seeds.

3) Download the problems onto my PC: If I have many problems to download
a) create an Archive on WeBWorK using the File Manager.
b) download the .tgz file to my PC
c) decompress and unpack using some software (I use 7-zip)

4) Use Git Bash to execute the commands to add the problems to my fork of the OPL and submit a pull request

5) Wait for the merge to be done

6) (Here is where it gets murky) Send a work order to IT to update the OPL on our server?

7) Add problems from the Contrib library to an active course at Simpson to test out with live students.

8) When I find bugs or other things that need to be fixed I

a) Edit the problem using WeBWorK Hmwork Problem Editor?

b) Repeat steps 3, 4, 5, 6?

9) When I think the problems are ready for public consumption, I submit a pull request indicating that I would like the problems considered for the OPL