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OpenStax college algebra textbook

OpenStax college algebra textbook

by Alex Jordan -
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Is anyone using the OpenStax college algebra textbook together with WeBWorK? If so, I am interested in discussing what collections of homework sets you have built and if you are open to releasing the set definition files.
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Re: OpenStax college algebra textbook

by James Morski -
Community College of Denver and Red Rocks Community College (which are both part of the Colorado Community College System) received funding last year to code questions for our shared college algebra course. We coded a complete suite of homework questions based on the problems from the Algebra and Trigonometry OpenStax offering. All told, we coded roughly 500 questions. We piloted the questions in the fall and spring at each campus, with full adoption in place going forward (around 50 sections combined for fall).

These questions have not been properly tagged (subject, chapter, section), but once we get these tagged, we will be submitting to the OPL. So, at this time, sharing the .def files won't do any good.

This summer, we have funding to follow a similar model for our trigonometry course, and CCD is working on a calculus 1 class.

I am happy to expand upon anything that has been mentioned here and to answer any questions.