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by Justin Heckman -
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I am a high school physics teacher and I have been using WeBWorK for nearly a decade. (I set up my own server) I have been begrudgingly content with using the CAPA Physics problems until recently. I have begun authoring my own problems recently but have some questions about NumbersWithUnits.

I am wondering if a variable such as $t=NumberWithUnits("17 s"); can be used in a subsequent calculated variable. e.g. $x=NumberWithUnits("14*$t m")?

I would just try it out but I am having some students reinstall the newest version of WeBWorK
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Re: NumbersWithUnits

by Michael Gage -
You can try out snippets of code at

It works similarly to the PGML lab.

It can also be reached from the PGlabs page on the wiki.

(demo.webwork.rochester.edu is the replacement for hosted2.webwork.rochester.edu)

Your example evaluates x as 238 s*m using this code:


$t = NumberWithUnits("17 s");
$x=NumberWithUnits("14 *$t m");
$y=NumberWithUnits("2*$x ");


t is $t $BR
x is $x $BR
y is $y $BR