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PGML: preformated text in a list

PGML: preformated text in a list

by Jan Hlavacek -
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I am trying to create a numbered list in which each item contains a line or two or preformated text. I tried this
1.  This is a text in the first item

    :   This should be preformated and can has [$variable]s

    And this is still a part of the first item

2.  This is the start of the second item

    :   And this is again preformated

    The end of the second item
and so on, but it does not render and gives me a cryptic error message:
Can't call method "combineTopItems" on an undefined value at line 222 of [PG]/macros/PGML.pl
Is there any way I can place a block of preformated text with variable substitution in a list?