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Edfinity and WeBWorK courses

Edfinity and WeBWorK courses

by Alex Jordan -
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Hello all,

Several colleges are currently using Edfinity for various WeBWorK courses with success. An oversimplified way to think of Edfinity is as an alternative to MAA hosting. I'll be teaching a basic algebra course in the spring using Edfinity, even though I manage my own school's WW server. I want to see the other features of Edfinity first hand.

Faculty are invited to pilot Edfinity starting any time now through spring/summer 2019 at no cost. Thereafter, it is anticipated (contingent on NSF funding) that a limited pilot will always be free.

More information about Edfinity's relationship to WeBWorK is at Edfinity, and a partial list of courses using OPL and other WeBWorK problems is listed in the catalog. If you don't see what you are looking for and/or wish to import your own, that's easily done. Please contact me or Bob (bobc@edfinity.com) or Shivram (shivram@edfinity.com). Also happy to do a quick demo if anyone is interested.

edfinity is an NSF-supported, fully hosted homework and assessment system that seamlessly supports WeBWorK, and an NSF Small Business Innovation Research award winner.

Highlights: Choose from over 250 complete WeBWorK courses. Create new ones from the OPL and other contributed problems. Import your own. Mix and match with any OER/textbook. Built-in student analytics and reporting. Share and collaborate.