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New WeBWorK Hosting Service

New WeBWorK Hosting Service

by Alex Jordan -
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With funding from the NSF, there is a new WeBWorK hosting service from Edfinity available to all institutions effective summer 2019. The hosting will be managed by joint team comprising of Edfinity and members of the WeBWorK community including Davide Cervone and me.

Hosting will remain free through the end of 2019, and thereafter, is estimated to cost $2/month for student paid subscriptions, and a fraction of the current MAA hosting fees for departmental subscriptions. These fees will help support WeBWorK community efforts. More details at edfinity.com/hosting, including a form to sign up for updates in the run up to summer.

An alternative for all users is the Edfinity homework system which is NSF-funded, centrally hosted, and provides a modern, seamless interface for WeBWorK problems. More details at edfinity.com/homework.

I've added the basic information about this to the wiki. Feel free to reach out to me or bobc@edfinity.com or shivram@edfinity.com