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Changing Navigation Menu

Changing Navigation Menu

by Brendan N -
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Hello All,

I am currently working on some custom options in Webwork and I was wondering if anyone knows where the HTML file is located for the Navigation Menu on the back end of the system. I want to add a custom link on the side there.

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Re: Changing Navigation Menu

by Michael Gage -
I believe what you are looking for is in ContentGenerator.pm class description.


there can be overrides for some pages in the ContentGenerator/* sub classes.

This is old style coding (circa 2002 since it is one of the first things we did) so it mixes presentation and logic more than it should -- but no-one has gotten around to rewriting it yet. :-)

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Re: Changing Navigation Menu

by Brendan N -
Michael, thank you very much. I could tell the coding was a bit "old-school", but it's all good!