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Fully funded STEM postdoctoral position

Fully funded STEM postdoctoral position

by Shivram Venkatasubramaniam -
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Hello All,

On the off chance that some of you have freshly minted PhDs in your orbit, please feel free to disseminate this to them.

We are in the fortunate position of being able to offer an NSF-funded postdoctoral position (1 to 3 years, full-time with benefits) that will provide an immersion experience for a post-doc scholar with Edfinity. We welcome applications from any STEM scholar from under-represented groups in science and engineering.

More information including NSF stipulated eligibility here: https://iperf.asee.org/

Attached is a tentative job description for this position which should be also accessible on the iperf website.

Please feel free to have your wards contact us for additional information at hello@edfinity.com or shivram@edfinity.com.

Thank you.