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LTI role mapping

LTI role mapping

by Thomas Wong -
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Hi everyone,

At our institution, professor level accounts cannot be automatically created via LTI (for sensible reasons). So they have to manually added by typing in email address etc.

I am hoping to simplify this process by including the LTI mapping

“Coordinator” => “ta”

so accounts can be created and then updating the permission level via the admin account.

Would this be a feasible approach? or are there some restrictions/bounds on which types on accounts can be mapped (and to where)?

Thank you very much

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Re: LTI role mapping

by Michael Gage -
I haven't actually tried it but I don't see any reason why your plan wouldn't work. Add "Coordinator" =>"ta" to the list for %LMSrolesToWeBWorKroles

in the file


Replacing "ta" by "student" would have the same effect since you are going to
change permission level by hand in any case once the new user is registered.

I'm assuming that the LMS is providing "coordinator" as the user type for a faculty member enrolled in the LMS. Some experimentation may be needed but there are few limitations in mapping the LMS user type to the WW user type.
The main limitation on the WW permission structure is that it is entirely linear. Those with a higher permission level have access to all of the actions of those with lower permissions. Someday perhaps we'll get around to building a more flexible permission structure.

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.

-- MIke

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Re: LTI role mapping

by Nathan Wallach -
I'm already doing this in production, and have been mapping all Moodle roles to student, and upgrading the accounts of teaching staff as needed. Once a single professor account is defined, they can upgrade the rest of the course staff as needed without needed to have "admin" status. As such, in the future, I intend in the future to transfer the responsibility for upgrading account permission levels to a designed representative of the teaching staff in each course.