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prevent dropping admin accounts or permission levels

prevent dropping admin accounts or permission levels

by Alex Jordan -
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A not uncommon occurrence at my school is for an instructor to change my admin account in their course in some way. Sometimes deleting the account, sometimes changing the permission level to "guest". I think that they just misunderstand what they are doing and what the consequences are. In some cases, it's about trying to simplify the classlist. Then at some point they ask me to investigate something with some random version of an exercise that some student is getting, but I am unable to help without going through the server-side process of re-adding my admin status to their course. I never remember exactly how that works, I have to look it up, and it's a small pain.

So with that background, is there a way right now to lock admin level accounts? So that even a "professor" is not allowed to remove them or drop their permission level?
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Re: prevent dropping admin accounts or permission levels

by Danny Glin -
I suspect that right now the answer is no. IIRC a user either has permission to edit the Class List or they don't. Beyond that WeBWorK doesn't check what individual actions they are taking.

It seems reasonable that a user should not be able to edit/delete another user with a higher permission level, but this doesn't currently happen. It would have to be added as a new feature.