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An upgraded LTI version?

An upgraded LTI version?

by tim Payer -
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We use an LTI between Canvas and WeBWorK and it works well enough except for the cumbersome task of extending due dates for a given student. With our current LTI these due dates must be reset in BOTH Canvas and Webwork.

And yet the folks at Edfinity say they have an upgraded LTI that permits dates set in Canvas to override the dates set in Webwork so that extensions only have to be set once in Canvas.

We notice that the homework platform XYZ also uses such an updated LTI.

It might be that this is a case that is LMS specific, but is it possible to upgrade our LTI to have the same overriding option for extending due dates?

Thanks, Tim
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Re: An upgraded LTI version?

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
Probably they're using LTI 2.0. That has its own downsides. Number one: no manual configuration. There's a handshake that either works, or it doesn't. I gave up on a service once because between their IT and mine, nobody could figure out what was wrong.

I suspect this would also be a much bigger headache for the person maintaining the server. (I can't afford the cost recovery to have someone in IT manager this for me.)

But why do you even need a deadline in your LMS at all? I just set up a single link from my LMS to Moodle that authenticates the students, and set the deadlines in WeBWorK.
Surely your gradebook allows grade items without deadlines?