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Changing password for UsingWW/Wiki

Changing password for UsingWW/Wiki

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
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Accessing the forum today, I got a warning from Google (Chrome) that my password here has been compromised (possibly due to reuse of password -- I don't think the breach was here).

This now seems like a stupid question, but I can't figure out how to change it.
In the forum, if I click on my name, it shows me my profile, and there's a change password button.

But if I click on that, I'm prompted to sign into the Wiki, and once I'm logged in there, I cannot find anything related to account management.
(If I click on my name in the top bar of the Wiki, it takes me to a page I can edit, presumably about me. But I can't find anywhere to edit account preferences.)
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Re: Changing password for UsingWW/Wiki

by Glenn Rice -
Mike has locked the database while he is working on updating the mediawiki and moodle forums, and migrating to a new server. From the mediawiki, if you click on "my preferences" it tells you this. He was hoping to have it completed sooner, but there have been some technical difficulties that need to be resolved.