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Sage applet rendering problems in Chrome

Sage applet rendering problems in Chrome

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
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I assigned the following OPL problem: Library/MC/Sage/LinearAlg/Axb_span3d.pg

It's a good problem, but it's a bit buggy.

Chrome 79: labels do not appear on any of the vectors, making it hard to figure out what's going on.

Chrome 80: the applet loads OK, but for some reason the navigation buttons on the page (Previous Problem, etc.) do not render.

Firefox is giving me the same results as Chrome 80.

In addition to the error and warning below, Chrome 79 also threw a warning about using a "same site cookie".

(By the way, I'd report this through the bug reporting mechanism, but I got a "site not found". Maybe I need to update WeBWorK. Or maybe bugzilla page missed the upgrade.)

Here's the error:

Screenshot of the error message in the console

And here's the warning:

Screenshot of the warning message in the console