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Editing Student Scores in a GW Quiz

Editing Student Scores in a GW Quiz

by Alex Jordan -
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An instructor wanted to manually change a student's Gateway quiz score. The Gateway quiz is a problem set, and then there are the "test 1" etc versions for each time the student took the quiz. The instructor goes to Instructor Tools to select the student and the quiz so they may edit a score. But the "test 1" version is not listed. Only the generic problem set is listed among the problem sets.

How does an instructor manually edit scores for particular versions of a Gateway Quiz?

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Re: Editing Student Scores in a GW Quiz

by Glenn Rice -
To get to the settings for a version of a gateway quiz for a particular student, go to the "Classlist Editor". Then find the student and click on the numbers in the "Assigned Sets" column for that student. This will list all assignments that are assigned to the student, including versions of gateway quizzes. Then click on the version that you want to edit settings for in the "Edit set for student" column.