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Removing a quiz from grade calculation

Removing a quiz from grade calculation

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
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Due to the shift to online delivery, I moved some of my in-class quizzes to gateway quizzes on WeBWorK.

That all went fine. But now I'm dealing with the fact that WeBWorK calculates the grade for a course by adding up a weighted average over all problems in all assessments.

I want to have a grade for homework sets that doesn't include quiz scores, because the homework grade is reported back to Moodle via LTI.

After a quiz ended, I downloaded scores as a CSV to enter that score separately in my gradebook. Now I want to remove it from the scoring.

I tried setting the weight for each question in the quiz to zero using Instructor Tools. But WeBWorK doesn't seem to like me making this change after the quiz closes, and my attempts to save that change have been so far unsuccessful.

Is there anything I can do short of just deleting the quiz?

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Re: Removing a quiz from grade calculation

by Danny Glin -
Because the gateway quiz mode allows for the ability for a student to generate multiple versions of a quiz, each version is stored separately in the database, which means that changing the weights globally won't affect versions that have already been generated.
Unfortunately there are only two ways to change the weights for existing student quizzes: one student at a time or by directly modifying the database. You can change the weights for one student through the Classlist Editor. I don't recommend editing the database directly unless you know exactly what you're doing. I can provide instructions, but with the proviso that it is very easy to screw up/delete information when making changed in the DB.
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Re: Removing a quiz from grade calculation

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
That's what I was afraid of! But we should be OK. All those grades are downloaded. I'll give students advance warning in case they want to look at it again, and then delete the quiz. That seems safer than messing with the DB. (And I don't want to do one at a time for 220 students across two courses!)