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Gateway/Quiz scoring problems

Gateway/Quiz scoring problems

by Andrew Dabrowski -
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Just tried gateway/quiz for the first time, and there scoring anomalies. Now this may just be because two of the four problems used the deprecated compoundproblem.pl macro, but I'm not sure that explains everything.  Here are the previous answers and scores for one student.

previous answers:

previous entries



Aren't these blatantly contradictory?  The previous entries show the student getting everything correct, while the score is 2.75/4.

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Re: Gateway/Quiz scoring problems

by Danny Glin -
I know that there are some PG constructions that haven't been tested well with gateway/quiz mode, which means that there are bugs. We ran into a problem where anything using MultiAnswer in quiz mode doesn't properly save past answers.
Have you tried acting as the student and checking their answers to see what happens? I know that past answers table isn't completely reliable for gateway quizzes.
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Re: Gateway/Quiz scoring problems

by Andrew Dabrowski -
Another problem is that scores displayed under Grades do not always match scores shown when looking at Homework Sets. We've found the gateway/quiz to be so unreliable we're abandoning it and just giving regular WW assignments that close 30 minutes after opening.