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missing wiki pages

missing wiki pages

by Alex Jordan -
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At this page:


There are links to pages with information on, say, contextFraction.pl. But the links are broken for me. Did something get lost during the move?

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Re: missing wiki pages

by Glenn Rice -

I believe the plan was to migrate the POD files from demo.webwork.rochester.edu to webwork.maa.org.  It seems that the links were changed, but the files that they point to were not migrated.  If you change "http://webwork.maa.org/pod/pg_TRUNK" to "https://demo.webwork.rochester.edu/wwdocs/pg" in those links you will get to what you are looking for.

Clearly, this is something that needs to be fixed.

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Re: missing wiki pages

by Michael Gage -
The POD documentation apparatus had been broken on webwork.maa.org for some time before the move. I moved it over to demo.webwork to get it working again temporarily and I changed some of the major links but apparently not all of them.

I'm open to suggestions, but I think it is probably worth moving the POD update operation back to webwork.maa.org (and set up a cron job so that it is automatically updated on a regular basis).

I think we may still have to change the url (in particular the original url was set up to work with CVS version control) and then do a massive search to change all of the links in the wiki. I would like feedback on these ideas since I don't want to update wiki links twice.
Does anyone know or is willing to investigate alternative ways of running the POD scraping script from github workflow tools? That might be more efficient if we can get it to work.
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Re: missing wiki pages

by Glenn Rice -
It seems that the URL of the POD links in the wiki could still be made to work.  The scripts just need to be set up to place the generated POD files in the correct location on webwork.maa.org.

I don't know of any github workflow tools for POD generation, and am not familiar with github workflow tools in general.  Are you referring to github actions?  I did a little Google searching, and can't find anything specifically for perl pod generation and deployment.

I could probably help to write scripts that could deal with this, when I have time.

In the mean time, it seems like we could just copy the files from the current location to the correct place on the webwork.maa.org server to make them work.