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Gateway quiz issues

Gateway quiz issues

by Michael Gage -
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I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to hopefully get some
assistance with some technical issues regarding a WebWork course. I am
currently taking MAT 170 at ASU with Professor Firrozzaman, and I have
experienced a weird bug with the last couple of proctor password protected

When I go to click "grade test" it clears all my answers and brings me back
to the screen that asks me to enter the password. I have tried
numerous times- whether it be logging out of webwork, restarting my
computer, refreshing the page, but the timer for the test still runs, and I
am unable to submit my test.
If there is anything that I can do to fix this problem, please let me know
as soon as possible.
Thank you all so much for your time and help, and I hope you have a
wonderful evening.

Lucy Yang
ASU Architecture

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Re: Gateway quiz issues

by Gavin LaRose -
I don't think this is the issue being reported here, but at least through WeBWorK 2.14 there has appeared to be a bug (in my installation, at least) that results in gateway tests not correctly processing grade requests for users with instructor privileges. We haven't had any issues with students grading tests, however.

It seems that the student's login credential is being lost in the submission, and the problem states are therefore not being retained. I think this would produce the behavior being seen. I can't come up with a reason why this would happen, however. I assume that the course is using WeBWorK's authentication; the next question is probably whether that is the case.