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Not all past answers being recorded?

Not all past answers being recorded?

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
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We have a couple of summer courses going right now, but much lighter load than usual for our server.

One of the instructors has noted that there appear to be potential database issues: she'll get a help request from a student, where WeBWorK indicates that they've made (for example) 7 attempts on a problem, but clicking on the "Show Past Answers" button will only show one or two attempts.

Has anyone else encountered this? (Should I be concerned that my database isn't working properly?)

I did one server reboot this week but I don't think that should have any effect.

We are running WeBWorK 2.15 on Ubuntu 18.04.

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Re: Not all past answers being recorded?

by Danny Glin -
I vaguely recall situations where students type an answer that WeBWorK doesn't understand (e.g. using extended characters, or with a syntax error).  In these cases I believe I've seen it mark the answer wrong, but have trouble writing the answer to the past answers table.  I would think something like this would be more likely than a database problem which only intermittently affects one table.

Have you checked the apache error logs?  If WeBWorK is having trouble writing to the database then I would expect there to be errors somewhere.