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Docker installation issue

Re: Docker installation issue

by Nathan Wallach -
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I suspect that it is just taking a long time to clone the OPL, and that you should probably just give it more time to complete. 

Assuming you are using the provided docker-compose.yml file, the default setting from https://github.com/openwebwork/webwork2/blob/9f31811c059af7a226d45fcfd049609e4eb75577/docker-compose.yml#L84 would put the OPL on a named persistent storage volume, so the OPL installation should only occur on the first startup of the Docker container.

Analysis: In the provided "log" data reported by Docker there was a line:
  • app_1 | Cloning the OPL - This takes time - please be patient.
followed by several lines about "remote" which would be GitHub preparing the send the data to set up the local copy of the OPL in the Docker machine.