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Free WeBWorK hosting for Fall

Free WeBWorK hosting for Fall

by Alex Jordan -
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In a partnership with Runestone Academy, we are offering free WeBWorK hosting for the Fall. If you would like a WeBWorK course, contact me (alex.jordan@pcc.edu) to express your interest. I will initialize a course for you, and offer some assistance with setting things up if you are a first-time WeBWorK user. Depending on how many people take us up on this, I may be able to help you customize your course.

For a more general Runestone Academy blog post and some demonstration courses, see:

Again, this is free for the Fall. First of all, we know that in this era of remote teaching, some faculty have not been able to find an online homework solution. Especially one that has no cost. So at one level this is an emergency service response for the times we are in.

Second, we will use this effort as an experiment to determine what server and manpower expenses are. For disclosure, starting in 2021, this would become a funded service. It may cost something (per course, not per student), or we may have success in finding public funding. If you use this service in the Fall but do not want to pay for it in the Winter/Spring, remember that this is vanilla WeBWorK and all your content is easily ported to another place should the need arise.

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Re: Free WeBWorK hosting for Fall

by Alex Jordan -

There is now a course request intake form and a FAQ about this at: