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LTI error? "failed to retrieve authorization"

LTI error? "failed to retrieve authorization"

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
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One of my students is receiving the error in the subject line while trying to authenticate via LTI.

I suspect the student is doing something odd, because we've got 1000 students on the server and he's the only one having problems. (No issues with non-UTF-8 characters or anything like that.)

We are using Moodle as LMS.

Login logs don't show anything amiss. (They do show him trying to sign in directly, which isn't enabled, but there are successful LTI login attempts.)

Is it possible something like an ad block extension could be deleting the cookie that sets the login token?

I've sent the student a number of possible troubleshooting steps but I thought I'd also check here to see if anyone has encountered this error message before.