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Moodle LTI Integration

Moodle LTI Integration

by Burçin Tuna -
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We installed WebWork and trying to connect our Moodle users with WebWork LTI integration. But we cannot authenticate our users from Moodle. WebWork does not create accounts automatically and always gives below error.  Any ideas about what was the problem? 


Your authentication failed. Please try again. Please speak with your instructor if you need help.

Course uses an external authentication system. You've authenticated through that system, but aren't allowed to log in to this course.

WeBWorK Warnings

WeBWorK has encountered warnings while processing your request. If this occured when viewing a problem, it was likely caused by an error or ambiguity in that problem. Otherwise, it may indicate a problem with the WeBWorK system itself. If you are a student, report these warnings to your professor to have them corrected. If you are a professor, please consult the warning output below for more information.

Warning messages

===== parameters received =======

oauth_callback => about:blank

oauth_consumer_key => Webwork

lis_result_sourcedid => {"data":{"instanceid":"13","userid":"18699","typeid":"1","launchid":1096662585},"hash":"539a570253ef636587d541de4b69ac54ccb112bc3f42b1f6c5fbd0ddfed11ca9"}

launch_presentation_locale => en

oauth_signature => afGSWsTFhVIe/gK0iNnSiEDyWsU=

lis_person_sourcedid =>

roles => Learner

resource_link_description =>

lis_person_name_full => Name Surname

lis_person_contact_email_primary => c1234@mail.example.com

tool_consumer_info_version => 2018120309.01

launch_presentation_return_url => https://example.com/mod/lti/return.php?course=12&launch_container=4&instanceid=13&sesskey=tPJoC7YE0v

lis_outcome_service_url => https://example.com/mod/lti/service.php

context_label => CC

ext_lms => moodle-2

context_id => 12

oauth_timestamp => 1602615796

lis_person_name_given => Name

tool_consumer_info_product_family_code => moodle

resource_link_title => ww03

context_title => Computer Center

launch_presentation_document_target => window

ext_user_username => c1234

tool_consumer_instance_description => Moodle

resource_link_id => 13

context_type => CourseSection

custom_lineitem_url => https://example.com/mod/lti/services.php/12/lineitems/20470/lineitem?type_id=1

lis_course_section_sourcedid =>

custom_lineitems_url => https://example.com/mod/lti/services.php/12/lineitems?type_id=1

custom_context_memberships_url => https://example.com/mod/lti/services.php/CourseSection/12/bindings/1/memberships

oauth_signature_method => HMAC-SHA1

lis_person_name_family => Surname

lti_message_type => basic-lti-launch-request

oauth_version => 1.0

oauth_nonce => f1c4ce19fbe63e55640cc6546a5c6506

lti_version => LTI-1p0

tool_consumer_instance_name => Moodle

user_id => 18699

tool_consumer_instance_guid => example.com

=========== summary ============ at /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/WeBWorK/Authen/LTIAdvanced.pm line 212.

User id is |c1234|

User mail address is |c1234@mail.example.com|

Student id is |c1234|

preferred_source_of_username is |lis_person_contact_email_primary|

preferred_source_of_student_id is |ext_user_username|


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Re: Moodle LTI Integration

by Burçin Tuna -
I found the solution. My Moodle configuration in external tool page was wrong. Because of this WebWork gives the "Your authentication failed." error. Thanks.