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WW Grades in D2L

WW Grades in D2L

by James Morski -
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I am using set level grade passback between WW and our LMS, which is D2L.  Everything seems to be working as expected except I've noticed something that I cannot account for.  In a few of the homework sets, D2L will import a grade that is few hundredths of a point different from what the grade shows in WW.

For example, a homework set in WW is out of 11 points.  In the WW grade, some students have scored 7/11, 9.5/11, and 10/11.  However, in D2L, these grades show as 7.04/11, 9.46/11, 10.01/11, respectively.  Has anybody experienced something like this?  And, do you have a fix?


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Re: WW Grades in D2L

by Alex Jordan -

7/11 is 0.63 repeating. Round that to 0.64 and imagine this is what gets sent to the LMS. Then 0.64*11 is 7.04.

So I think WW is rounding the score to the hundredths place before sending it to the LMS. I can't think of a quick fix for that. The grade passback code could be edited so that it does not round.