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Thank you for WeBWorK

Thank you for WeBWorK

by Robert Mařík -
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Dear WeBWorK developers,

this is just to say big thank you for WeBWorK. I finished the first semester with WW and it was a great experience.

I could monitor the work of the students during the whole semester, students had an immediate response to their answers and could learn better. I have a positive feedback from many students. And I used WW also for final exams with no issues.

I like that WW problems are plain text files and it is possible to put these text files under version control. (I have publicly repository at github. Not in English, however.) Also the database has simple structure and can be used by some external tools, which is great. For example I tried to use external tools to check duplicities in answers to essay questions. I edit the pg files on my PC in Emacs and this is far more comfortable comparing to work in typical LMS.

I teach at the faculty of wood technology and for me it is far more important not to train computations skills, but to show the importance of derivatives, integrals and matrices in material engineering. So this was a little challenging, since with WW the course could easily turn into the approach "Given function, find derivative, second derivative, integral, ..." But I think that WW can be used also with the approach focused on principles and applications rather than computations. Anyway it would be great to see more problems which are oriented to applications in OPL library.

Thank you again for WW.