Installation has incorrect value of AF_INET has incorrect value of AF_INET

by Jason Stover -
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After upgrading my OS to OpenBSD 4.4, I can't authenticate with Webwork. I get this error:

Bad address family for Socket::unpack_sockaddr_in, got 0, should be 2 at /var/www/htdocs/webwork/webwork2/lib/WeBWorK/ line 702.

The offending code is:

($remote_port, $remote_host) = unpack_sockaddr_in($r->connection->remote_addr);

perldoc Socket says that unpack_sockaddr_in will die if AF_INET isn't correct. It should be 2, but here it's 0. I figured it should have been set with pack_sockaddr_in somewhere, but I can't find a call to pack_sockaddr_in in any of the code.

Any advice?