webwork unachive

webwork unachive

by joel robbin -
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The unarchive command on our WeBWorK installation is
broken. When I tried to unarchive a course I got the
following error message:

Failed to restore table 'math112-fall-2007_set_locations' with command '2>&1 ''
--defaults-extra-file=/tmp/cWgArvgrkB webwork <
/opt/webwork/courses/math112-fall-2007/DATA/mysqldump/set_locations.sql' (exit=127 signal=0
core=0): sh: : command not found

If I don't want to keep the course, would it be
safe to delete the .gz file from the MySQL database
without using the WeBWorK user interface?
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Re: webwork unachive

by Michael Gage -
It's safe to delete the .gz file.

Currently both the archive/unarchive command have difficulties when importing a course that was created with a different version of WeBWorK -- specifically when the database schema changes. (One could fix this by hand working directly with mySQL by adding a math112-fall-2007_set_locations table but it is a bit delicate.)

It's high on my list of things to rectify in the next release of WeBWorK.
Finding the time is the hard part.

-- Mike