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Submitting answers for a student

Submitting answers for a student

by Mike May -
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I have two situations where I want to submit answers for a student and change that student's score.

1) With a particular randomization 2 answers on a multiple choice question are identical and the student chose the one that is only true on that randomization.  The student emailed me on the issue.  I can edit the problem, but would like to give that student credit.

2) We are using webwork for placement and a student has an accommodation to take paper tests.  I can make a pdf and grade by hand, but I want the answers int eh system and graded, because our grade system will harvest the grade for placement purposes.

I have tried acting as a student, but cannot submit answers.

Is there a way to do that?

Mike May

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Re: Submitting answers for a student

by Alex Jordan -

One thing to note is that with version 2.16, you can easily change a student's score on a problem while viewing that problem.

The current way to change a student's score is doable, but you need to know how. One way is to click Instructor Tools. Then select the student name and the problem set, and click "Edit one set for users". Scroll to the problem in question and you can change the "status" to 1 (for 100%).

You can submit an answer on behalf of a student, while acting as that student, if you change the permissions for doing that. In Course Config, in the Permissions tab, there is an item "Can submit answers for a student". You would need to change the permission level to professor to enable the ability to do that. I am unsure if the set's close date will still be a factor, and maybe if the set is closed this still might not let you submit an answer on their behalf.