Webwork Install

Webwork Install

by Jeff DiFranco -
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Currently I along with some others in my department at Seattle U are investigating installing Webwork locally. I have many questions, but the most pressing is how big of a server or how much server space will we need. We anticipate that we will have around 10 or less courses initially. If anyone could give me an idea of how much space they are currently using that would be excellent.


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Re: Webwork Install

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Jeff,

Can you clarify what you mean by "how big"? In terms of disk space you should find that any server you buy will have more than enough disk space. On our server, which has been running a long time without archiving courses (for reasons that aren't worth getting into here), we're under 15GB of data, of which 13GB is due to the over 350 courses we have defined.

As far as power, we're obviously dealing with more users than you. My guess is that for your setup any multicore or multiprocessor system with 2GB of memory or more would be have no trouble at all handling the load. Someone else can correct me on this if they have better data, of course.