Installation Questions

Installation Questions

by Kelly Cline -
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We have recently installed a newer version of WeBWorK (2.4.5) from the Live DVD, to replace our earlier server (2.3.0) and most things seem to be going well, but there are a couple of issues that have cropped up:

First off, in the problems, I'm not seeing the mathematics rendered as a graphic. Instead I simply see the code: x^{-3} and so forth. I'm not getting any error messages at the bottom of the problem or anything like that. Does anyone know what I need to check to figure this out?

We're also not seeing graphics show up. For example we've written a number of problems that include gifs, but when a pg file includes something like

\{ image("3_4_54.gif")\}

the image does not appear on the problem screen, and I just get a broken graphic. If I cursor over one of the broken graphics, the link is to: http://localhost:81/wwtmp/ma131a_f09/gif/Homework3.4-prob11-3_4_54.gif

I assume that I just haven't configured something correctly, but I'm not sure exactly where to get started!

Thanks in advance!

--Kelly Cline
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Re: Installation Questions

by Michael Gage -
It looks like the lighttpd server (which often uses port 81) is not working or serving images. Take a look at the part of the instructions configuring the lighttpd server and see if there are problems there.

The other possibility is that the graphics files (equations or .gif images) aren't being created, probably because the webserver doesn't have permission to write into some directory. In that case you should also see other error messages appearing in the log files.

Check first to see if the graphics files are where they are supposed to be, then check the lighttpd server -- you can try to access the graphics images directly using the URL you have listed above to check if the lighttpd server is working and configured properly.