by Mark Hamrick -
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I am having a problem with any problem that contains the usage of the interval_cmp function. The machine is RHEL5, and has been upgraded to rel-2-4-patches. The error message is below.

Error messages

No such package 'Value::Union()' in Value::Context::Package at line 326 of /opt/pg/lib/ in Value::Package at line 76 of [PG]/macros/ in main::Union at line 400 of [PG]/macros/ in main::interval_cmp at line 40 of [PG]/macros/ in (eval) at line 1 of [PG]/macros/ in main::__ANON__ at line 236 of /usr/lib64/perl5/5.8.8/x86_64-linux-thread-multi/ in (eval) at line 236 of /usr/lib64/perl5/5.8.8/x86_64-linux-thread-multi/ in Safe::reval at line 904 of /opt/pg/lib/WeBWorK/PG/ in WeBWorK::PG::Translator::translate at line 346 of [WW]/lib/WeBWorK/PG/ in WeBWorK::PG::Local::new_helper at line 65 of [WW]/lib/WeBWorK/PG/ in (eval) at line 65 of [WW]/lib/WeBWorK/PG/ in WeBWorK::PG::Local::new at line 52 of [WW]/lib/WeBWorK/ in WeBWorK::PG::new at line 598 of [WW]/lib/WeBWorK/ContentGenerator/ in WeBWorK::ContentGenerator::Problem::pre_header_initialize at line 176 of [WW]/lib/WeBWorK/ in WeBWorK::ContentGenerator::go at line 353 of [WW]/lib/ in WeBWorK::dispatch at line 115 of [WW]/lib/Apache/ in (eval) at line 115 of [WW]/lib/Apache/ in Apache::WeBWorK::handler at line 0 of [PG]/macros/ in (eval) at line 0 of [PG]/macros/ Died within main::Union called at line 400 of [PG]/macros/ from within main::interval_cmp called at line 40 of [TMPL]/ULibrary/setAlgebra13Inequalities/

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by Davide Cervone -
Did you update your copy of pg as well as webwork2? It looks to me like your version of the Value package might be out of date (or the versions of files within the library are not consistent). Try

cvs update -r rel-2-4-patches

within the pg directory to make sure that they are all at the current version. If that doesn't work, try

cvs update -A

instead to get the HEAD version. It might be that some changes have not been backported to the rel-2-4-patches release properly.