WW on virtual server and images not loading

WW on virtual server and images not loading

by D. Brian Walton -
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I am experimenting with an installation of the WeBWorK LiveDVD (Ubuntu 9.04) using Sun's Virtual Box on an iMac (intel) under Mac OS 10.5. Other than changing passwords and the global.conf file to reflect my e-mail address and server, I have not modified the installation.

First of all, I am mapping port 8080 of my iMac to port 80 of the virtual machine. I am not sure if my Apache (virtual) server uses the same full domain name as my physical machine. I also don't know if this even really matters if I leave the domain name unspecified.

Second, I am regularly getting equations not appearing as images. If I switch to viewing as jsMath, then it comes out okay. But when using the images view, sometimes some of the equations appear with their alternate text (the LaTeX format) instead of the rendered image of the formula. I have even seen a case where the image appeared briefly and was then replaced by the alternate text. I do not know if this second problem is an artifact of using a virtual machine as the server or if there is some buffer that might be set incorrectly.

Third, there are some library problems that do not work but show errors. Is there a way to distinguish whether the problems are installation related or an issue of the library itself?


D. Brian Walton
James Madison University

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Re: WW on virtual server and images not loading

by Xiong Chiamiov -

I seem to remember having issues with images because some mapping that are supposed to be dynamically generated, well, weren't. A simple symlink fixed that up, but let's see if that is, in fact, your problem first.

Can you take a look at the apache logs? They should be located in either /var/log/httpd or /var/log/apache2.