moving courses to new server

moving courses to new server

by Hal Sadofsky -
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I feel like this is probably well documented somewhere, but I'm trying to understand how we would move our courses to a new server.

The obvious thing would seem to be to

1) do a mysqldump to a file.
2) do a tarball for the courses directory (preserving as much .

3) move both files to the new server.

4) feed the mysqldump into mysql on the new server
5) untar the tarball in the appropriate location.

Is this too simple to work?

If it does work, how much do I have to worry about owner, group and permissions for the new files I'm making on the new server?

thanks, Hal
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Re: moving courses to new server

by Danny Glin -
In my experience there wasn't much more to it than that.
The only additional step I recall having to do applies if you are running a significantly newer version of ww on the new server. If so, you will probably need to run wwdb_upgrade to bring the database structure up to date.
If you're worried about the permissions/file ownership, the easiest thing to do is run the 'chown' commands from the installation wiki once you've copied everything over.
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Re: moving courses to new server

by Michael Gage -
The directories and files under the courses directory should be owned by the webserver. This happens automatically when the courses are created from the web and is not part of the initial installation.

Of course it's useful to keep the old server around for a while in case you have forgotten something or to see how permissions were set up on the old server.

If you are just transferring one or two courses, a good method is to archive the courses (from the web admin page), transfer the resulting archive files to the new courses directory using unix tools (there is not yet an automatic way to do this from the web) and then unarchive again using the web admin page. It's clean, fairly quick and you don't have to worry about permissions.
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Re: moving courses to new server

by Arturo Portnoy -
I tried doing this, however, when I unarchive the course in the new server, I cannot login as instructor using the same username and password as used in the old server. How do you log into the unarchived course?