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Feature Request: adjusting Main Menu when using LMS

Feature Request: adjusting Main Menu when using LMS

by Omar Hijab -
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This is a minor thing, but makes things neater. 

When integrated with an LMS, instead of "Courses" in the Main Menu, a better choice would be "Back to <LMS>", where <LMS> would be Canvas, Bb,  etc.,  since one doesn't want users seeing the "Courses" page when accessing WW from an LMS.

Necessary data for this link is already in authen_LTI.conf,

$LMS_name = 'Canvas';

$LMS_url = 'https://myschool.edu/lms/';

I made the change in my setup myself in webwork2/lib/WeBWorK/ContentGenerator.pm line 768, but it's a dirty hack. Of course, whether or not the Main Menu includes "Back to <LMS>" instead of "Courses" will depend on whether


is enabled or not in localOverrides.conf.

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Re: Feature Request: adjusting Main Menu when using LMS

by Danny Glin -

I think that this is a reasonable suggestion, though checking to see if LTI authentication is enabled isn't as simple as checking if the authen_LTI.conf file is included.  There are other ways to enable LTI authentication, such as by adding all of the configuration variables to the course.conf file for a single course.

I have started a discussion at https://github.com/openwebwork/webwork2/discussions/1794 about this feature request.  You can add your thoughts there.  If you feel comfortable implementing this then you can submit a pull request to the WeBWorK repository on GitHub.