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Extending deadlines

Extending deadlines

by Zak Zarychta -
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Hi there, 

Is there a way of viewing and editing one student's deadlines for all/across multiple sets they are enrolled on ?

It's unconventional, but I was thinking that perhaps this might be able to be automated using a script  whilst logged on to the server where I host and run WeBWorK. Has anyone attempted this?

Thanks, Zak

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Re: Extending deadlines

by Glenn Rice -

You can do this from the browser user interface.  From the class list editor click on the "Assigned Sets" column for the student.

I am reading your comment as meaning to "edit one student's deadlines for all sets assigned to the student".  If you meant something else, please clarify your wording.

Of course, anything can be automated using a script.  You could take a look at the "wwsh" script and its subsidiary scripts.

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Re: Extending deadlines

by Andras Balogh -
Editing all assigned sets still requires to changing the deadlines for the sets one by one. I suspect that, being the end of the semester, what Zak wants to do is not change the deadlines one by one for all the 20-30 missed homework sets for students who missed all or many of the deadlines, but just to extend them with a single change. This is a frequent request from faculty in my department. What I do and recommend others do is not just extend deadlines without any late penalty but to use the "Reduced Scoring Date" from the beginning of the semester and not bother with changing individual deadlines for students.