Cannot SSO from Moodle to Webwork 2.18

Cannot SSO from Moodle to Webwork 2.18

by L Ng -
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Hello there.

I followed the docs to set up lti 1.3 from our moodle but when users click on the link, it only shows the webwork login page. They can login via AD/LDAP but the key is to automatically create users or login in WW 2.18.

I was able to make it happen on 2.16 but not here..

What am I doing wrong?

I also turned on debug but nothing shows on the webpage. Just the login page.

running redhat 8.4 and ww_version: 2.18 | pg_version 2.18 (installed it last Friday and over the next 4 days to get it working)



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Re: Cannot SSO from Moodle to Webwork 2.18

by Glenn Rice -

LTI 1.3 is a completely different authentication method than LTI 1.1.  LTI 1.3 was added in the 2.18 release of WeBWorK.  So if you were able to get LTI authentication to work for 2.16, then it was LTI 1.1.  If the LMS is configured for LTI 1.1, then you will need to use that instead.  The configuration is much the same, except the variables are all in authen_LTI_1_1.conf and are all prefixed with $LTI{v1p1}.

If you really want to use LTI 1.3, then you will need administrative access to your Moodle instance.  Note that you won't get much of debugging information in the browser when you turn on debugging due to the way that LTI 1.3 works.  So you will need to check the logs/webwork2.log file.

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Re: Cannot SSO from Moodle to Webwork 2.18

by L Ng -

Hello Glen.

I do have moodle admin access and followed the docs ..created a new lti tool using 1.3 but still nothing 

In 1.3 config I use the 1.3 variable .. I don’t get it