Email feature not working

Email feature not working

by Valerio De Angelis -
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We have recently installed the latest version of WebWork on our network, that was recently moved entirely to the cloud on AWS (Amazon Web Server) . Everything works fine except the email feature. Every time we try to use the "Email Instructor" button we get the error message:

Failed to send message: invalid hosts in Email::Sender::Transport::SMTP constructor at /usr/share/perl5/Email/Sender/Transport/ line 76.

Unfortunately our ITC staff are too busy with other pressing problems and my skills as Linux system admin are entirely negligible. I looked in the file site.conf  inside /opt/webwork/webwork2/conf and found the following line that seems to have been left blank:

$mail{smtpServer} = '';  # e.g. '' or 'localhost'

Is that where the problem might be?

Thanks for any pointers.