ssh: Permission denied (publickey)

ssh: Permission denied (publickey)

by B Edgecombe -
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I installed the WeBWorK server using these instructions:

I was able to access ubuntu and wwadmin using SSH on the command line without any issues yesterday, but today I can't log into Ubuntu because it won't accept my .pem (public/private key pair) file. It's possible I accidentally changed the /home/ubuntu directory's permissions the last time I was online.

Is there anything I can do to restore my access to Ubuntu?

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Re: ssh: Permission denied (publickey)

by Danny Glin -

If you made changes that caused the key file on the server to be inaccessible then you won't be able to ssh into that account.  If there is another administrator account on your server that you have the password or key for then you can log into that and fix the permissions.  Otherwise you'll have to use the AWS console to restore access.  One of the following may help: