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Michael Gage - XML-RPC interface for PG problem renderer

Michael Gage - XML-RPC interface for PG problem renderer

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicXML-RPC interface for PG problem renderer topic started 1/4/2002; 4:16:34 PM
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userMichael Gage - XML-RPC interface for PG problem renderer  blueArrow
1/4/2002; 4:16:34 PM (reads: 879, responses: 0)
As promised here are more details on how to communicate with the server version of the problem renderer. XML is not concise, so here are links to subsequent messages:

Complete HTTP request for problemRendering

Complete HTTP response for problemRendering

XML table of input values for requesting problemRendering

XML table of output values from problemRendering

The clients actually submit the text of the problem to be rendered. This is encoded using base64 encoding in order to keep special symbols from being interpreted as HTML. Those values that look like they are encrypted have been encoded using base64.

The server returns an HTML text value which is also encoded using base64 to prevent premature interpretation of the symbols as HTML. Simple values are not encoded.

REMEMBER -- all of this can change, so don't depend on it. If you have suggestions for improvement I would be delighted to consider them.

-- MIke

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